World Expo

In the morning  we went down to meet my friend Sirey Zhang to go to the World Expo that is in Shanghai. Sirey actually goes to my school in Denver, but by coincidence we were both in Shanghai at the same time. So, since my dad had meeting that day we worked it out so that we could go to the expo together.

When we got to the expo after taking the subway, my first observation was that there were LOTS of people. I found out later that that day there were 600,000 people there that day. And that many people means long lines.Very long lines. Almost every pavilion had a 5 or 6 hour wait. The only ones that we got into were small pavilions like Bulgaria and North Korea.

The North Korea Pavilion was interesting though because it didn’t give any information about the country but just showed a bunch of happy smiling people. Marketing I tell you! All these pavilions are simply marketing their country. For example, we got into the US pavilion by taking the express lane which you can pay for or use if you are a citizen of that country. The whole pavilion was full of inspirational videos telling you to come to the US.

But the inside of the pavilions isn’t the only cool part. The architecture of these pavilions is really interesting. Not one is boring to look at. We stayed there all day until it got dark so we could see all the pavilions lit up. Soon after that, we took the subway home and I met my dad late at our hotel. Overall it was a very fun day.