At the Hui’s House

So far I’ve stayed four nights at the home of Saiyu Hui and Dora Ho and their three boys, Theo, Kyle, and Neil. I call Saiyu and Dora “uncle” and “auntie,” because that is pretty much what kids call their parents’ close friends. Theo, Kyle, and Neil call my dad “Uncle Mark.”

They live in a village near the new town of Ma On Shan in the northeast part of Hong Kong. They don’t live in a huge house. It’s a small apartment in a three-story building. There are two small bedrooms. The first is for Dora, Saiyu, and Neil (he’s two years old). The other is for Kyle and Theo.

They have one common room with a piano, a bunch of toys, a couch, two chairs, a TV, and a dining room table. Also there is a very small kitchen where they cook and where the helper named Annie lives. I’m going to have to figure out where Annie sleeps.

Having a full-time helper is really cool and totally different from what I am used to. Having help means no chores whatsoever. Annie cooks, cleans, does the laundry, washes the dishes, makes beds, and takes care of Neil as a nanny. I think it’s very luxurious to have all this help. Growing up with it would be heaven.