Shangai Stuff

The next day was meeting day. My dad had a meeting at the Shanghai youth center. It is a whole building whose whole purpose is to help kids. My dad was going to try to see if he could help some kids get into college into the United States. We got into the fancy meeting room that they only gave to the Gweilos. Even with the signs that said no smoking it still smelled like cigarette smoke. I heard dad’s talk about who to get into college for about the one hundreth time. But luckily I had dads computer so I played some games on it to pass the time. After the meeting we were of course taken out to dinner. In China it is all about the food. There was great food and they were all impressed with my sick nasty chopsticks skills. The day before Sirey and his mom Lingia had invited us to spend the afternoon with them. We told them we probobly wouldn’t make it because of my dad’s meeting. But they came anyway and waited twenty minutes for us to get back to the hotel. Together we walked to old town and visited a garded that used to belong to an aristocratic family but is now a park. You could see where the family lived in all the old style chinese buildings. We walked around some more and had a nice day. we then went back to our hotel and they went back to their friends in which they were staying. after resting our feet for a while in our hotel we went out to meet my parents old friends Edie and Mark Millar and their children Reid and Nora. Mark was not their because he was out on some business trip. First we met up at their apartment by taking a taxi. Their apartment was very big and very nice. We then walked to a nice Shanghainese food. After dinner we went back to their apartment for a lttle while when it got late we said goodbye and thank you and took a taxi back to our hotel.

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