Taxi Ride

After the plane arrived, we grabbed our bags and queued up for a taxi.  Unfortunately for us, our taxi driver was sort of grumpy.  It can be sort of hit-and-miss with taxi drivers.

But the taxi ride was awesome.  From windows we saw tons of skyscraping buildings, each one with lights flashing in different colors.  The architecture is really cool, with buildings in different shapes, including triangles or pyramids.  The ride wasn’t too long, because we went into the smaller, closer-in airport.

After some misunderstanding about the address, we managed to get to the hotel.  We got our room and looked out the window.  Our hotel is called Riverview Hotel, and we have a view of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai.  We can see the Bund and the huge skycrapers across the river, which is called Pudong.  The radio tower looks like two bouncy balls on a stick.  The tallest one looks like a pyramid from our hotel, but when you look at it from a different angle, it looks like a huge bottle opener.

We decide to go look for some Shanghai steamed buns for dinner.  Dad had found a place in a travel book.  We were going to take a taxi, but when a taxi driver told us–in perfect English–that it was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel.  On our walk, we saw lots more of the streets and alleyways of Shanghai. After asking a few people we eventually found the place and ate dinner. After dinner we were pursued by someone trying to sell us a cool laser pointer. I thought it was so when he offered it for 50 Yuen ($8) we bought it. We then went back to our hotel and fell asleep.

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