Bottle Opener Building

The next day was our last day in Shanghai. My dad didn’t have any meeting that day, so we decided to do some touristy things. We ate breakfast at our hotel as we always do. The food is included and is pretty good. The Chinese dishes were good but the American style breakfast foods were a little different. The bacon were just slabs of flavorless pork fat. The sausages tasted like precooked hot dogs, and the French toast looked like it had been soaked in raw egg for 24 hours.

Anyway, after breakfast we decided to visit the Shanghai Financial Center, the tallest building in Shanghai and currently third tallest in the world. But the cool about this buildings that is better than than the ones taller than it is that the observation deck is taller than any other. Also from one angle it looks like a pyramid and from another angle it looks like a bottle opener–like you would use to take the cap off a bottle. We bought tickets to take the elevator up the building. But there is another cool thing about this building. It has two observation decks. One is below the hole and another one is above. We decided to go to the higher one. And the higher one … drum roll please..has glass floor! Bwahaha! It doesn’t have an all glass floor, but it is pretty freaky. After taking alot of pictures and being freaked out on the top, we decided to take the elevator back down.

When we got out it was just the perfect time to get ready to leave for the airport. But there was more confusion. A typhoon was scheduled to hit Hong Kong that day. We tried to call the airlines to find out if the flight was still scheduled  but we didn’t get anyone and there website didn’t say anything either. It probably did but we were on the world’s slowest hotel computer, so it was very hard to get any information out of it. So we decided to go to the airport anyway, and if our flight was canceled.  Oh well.

Turns out the flight was still scheduled, and we had another great Hong Kong Express flight (which is totally better than United Airlines). It also turned out that the typhoon took a 90 degree turn and totally missed Hong Kong.

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